The Directorate of State Lotteries was built up in the year 1968 with the target of leading Lottery draws for gaining income for the administration exchequer. The Directorate capacities under the Finance (Revenue) Department, Govt. of West Bengal. The Directorate of State Lotteries stretches out its lottery ability to lead lottery draws for the conveyance of plots of land, shops of Municipal Bodies, endeavours and other Govt. wings, for admission to Class-I in Government/Government supported Primary Schools and so forth.

Office Structure

The Directorate of State Lotteries is going by the Director, who is helped by different officials like Joint Director/Deputy Director/Assistant Director who have a place with officials in WBCS (Exe.) and WBA&A Service. The present position is Joint Director-1, Joint Director (Audit and Accounts)- 1, Joint Director (Accounts)- 1, Deputy Director-1, Assistant Director-Nil.

Open Services

The profit of State Lotteries is credited into Public Account of the State u/s 4(d) of the Lottery (Regulation) Act 1998. This income is activated for assets for formative plans of the State. State Lottery is additionally a wellspring of business of Small Agents who can do the business with little capital. West Bengal State Lottery saw in this setting has some financial handiness. see here



The current arrangement of the Government is to compose, lead and advance State Lotteries satisfying the arrangements of the Lotteries (Regulation) Act, 1998 and the West Bengal State Lottery Rules, 1968. At present four Weekly Draws viz., Bangabhumi Super Draw, Bangasree Super Draw, Bangalakshmi Draw (twice in a month) are composed in a month. Aside from these Weekly draws, six guards attract celebrations viz., New Year Bumper, Nababarsha Bumper, Holi Bumper, Rathayatra Bumper, Puja Bumper and Diwali Bumper are led. The value (MRP) of the Bi-Weekly draw of the Lottery ticket is Rs.2/ – for Bangalakshmi draw, Rs.5/ – for Bangabhumi Super draw and Rs.10/ – for Bangasree Super draw. The cost of tickets of Bumper Draws is normally Rs.20/-. The essential approach of the Govt. is to guarantee fixed prizes, which are ensured by proclaiming prizes on sold tickets just, a component that has made West Bengal State Lottery progressively straightforward, tenable and over different lotteries.


This Lottery Directorate is at present a productive wing of the Government of West Bengal. Net profit for most recent seven years are portrayed underneath as prepared reference :-

Year Collection Total use Net profit Expdt( % of gathering)

2002-03 Rs.27,53,04,642/ – Rs.21,81,15,025/ – Rs. 5,71,89,617/ – 79.2%

2003-04 Rs.60,34,23,140/ – Rs.49,70,31,147/ – Rs.10,63,91,993/ – 82.3%

2004-05 Rs.23,69,83,157/ – Rs.24,01,43,842/ – Rs. 31,60,685/ – 101.3%

2005-06 Rs.82,10,98,091/ – Rs.78,00,60,754/ – Rs.4,10,37,337/ – 95%

2006-07 Rs.31,29,65,902/ – Rs.24,82,04,242/ – Rs.6,47,61,660/ – 79%

2007-08 Rs.33,48,11,787/ – Rs.25,80,75,033/ – Rs.7,67,36,754/ – 77.8%

2008-09 Rs.30,84,80,442/ – Rs.22,96,91,380/ – Rs.7,87,89,062/ – 74.46%

Accessible Infrastructures

Since commencement, State Lottery is positioned at a leased house on the first floor of 69, Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Kolkata – 700 013. Be that as it may, there is a case pending in the Court of Law over the lease matter. The space accessible for officials, staff, office machines, records and so on., are entirely insufficient.

Significant activities

This Directorate has stepped up to the plate and automate lottery bookkeeping framework for the fast settlement of cases. This may extend the lottery showcase inside the state and in the states where the lottery is reasonable. In such manner, a proposition for computerization of this Directorate has just been sent to the Finance Department, West Bengal hardly any months back.

Motivating force/Subsidy Schemes

Not appropriate (to this Directorate of State Lotteries).

Duties Applicable

Annual Tax and Administrative charges are appropriate regarding Fixed Prizes and Bonus i.e., above Rupees 5000/ – for each situation. Finding of I. T. are made according to rates fixed by the Central Govt. according to I. T. Act 1961, and in regard of Administrative charges, derivations of Administrative charges are made on fixed prize above Rs. 5000/ – for each situation according to the rate fixed by the State Govt. Beforehand Sale Tax was likewise charged on this Directorate on the clearance of lottery tickets up to 27.04.06. At present Sale Tax on the Sale of Lottery Tickets isn’t appropriate w.e.f. 28.4.06 according to Judgment passed by the Honorable Supreme Court of India.


Not pertinent.

Preparing Facilities

At present no formal/Regular preparing offices are accessible for the staff of this directorate.

Pertinent Acts

The West Bengal State lottery is sorted out, directed and advanced as far as the arrangements of the lottery (Regulation) Act 1998, a Central Act and the West Bengal State Lottery Rules, 1968.


At present, the main Marketing Agency which markets whole lottery Ticket of various draws of this West Bengal State Lottery Directorate is the W.B.L.S.S. Pvt.Ltd

Different Issues

This Directorate has proposed amendment(s) in the Lottery (Regulation) Act 1998, to engage the Director of State Lotteries to exercise power over the deceptive Lotteries held in the State.


The accompanying structures are utilized for running the everyday work in the workplace of this Directorate.

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