The best golf rangefinder that takes care of business and sets aside your cash for other apparatus

The VPRO500, from a generally new name in the rangefinder world, flaunts a 6x amplification, practical 400 yards extend and a truly enticing cost. This unit is significantly heavier than the tantamount in-size Bushnell V3 (both still under 1lb). A few specs have the V3 beat (amplification, practically identical range, exactness), anyway, there is by all accounts a couple of more reports of deformities on this unit. Remember there’s a 1-year guarantee by TecTecTec, so you’ll be secured. The Vpro feels tough, takes care of business and makes for an extraordinary passage rangefinder for golf players depending on eyes or GPS units.


Key Features

Competition Legal (no slant)

450yd Range, exact to 1 yard

6x Magnification


Pin seeking Tech

1 Year Warranty

Who is TecTecTec?


TecTecTec isn’t a name many know about in the golf world or something else. There’s very little open data on the organization and their product offering comprises of a couple of genuinely various items: golf rangefinders and a GoPro copycat (in addition to a couple of advanced projectors on their Euro site). visit site

This absence of spotlight on golf may (legitimately) bring up issues on the organization’s capacity to deliver a quality rangefinder yet TecTecTec is setting up strong notoriety through its VPRO500 rangefinder through its spending limit inviting cost and excellent client assistance. TecTecTec is a more up to date organization, so it is not yet clear whether it’ll be around as long as possible, yet signs are sure.


The VPRO500 is a light, minimal rangefinder with a 6x amplification, fair stick sensor and great hard case. The focal point is enormous and gives a reasonable view of your objective to take an estimation. The pin seek to highlight isn’t extraordinary however is more precise than utilizing a GPS and eyeballing it.

It’s little enough to fit in your pocket among shots and the water obstruction implies it’s alright to put it down on the wet, early-morning turf while you take your shot if you’d preferably not returned it for the situation between shots. (Utilizing the case is the more secure decision, obviously).



6x Magnification (most rangefinders are 5x)

Client assistance/support


Not as precise as Bushnell and Leupold models

The more current organization, short reputation

Long haul solidness indistinct


TecTecTec VPRO500 Review – Box and Unit

The VPRO500 unpacked. Note that TecTecTec has improved the case since this photograph was taken.

The bundling for the unit is nothing extraordinary except for gorgeous.

The new case structure

The new case structure


Best Hybrid Rangefinder – Bushnell Hybrid GPS

Diagram and Key Features

The Bushnell Hybrid GPS has a genuine gathering of highlights. As a combo item, the tech is really on the front line. With the laser discoverer/GPS blend, you bamboozle the two universes.


It’s about information with this rangefinder. With the laser, you get a showcase that gives data on what you can see on the course. Fundamentally, the laser capacity gives you a chance to distinguish definite focuses on the course. For example, the banner. It even highlights what the producer calls a “stick searcher shock,” which implies that the discoverer will assist you with remaining on target.

Usually, laser discoverers simply hit you with the separation that you are secured on. Still great data, however not as extensive as you may need. Be that as it may, the Bushnell Hybrid gives you definite data on the separations you have to know: Distance to the stick. Separation to the front. Separation to the back. All that you need.

GPS is the thing that gives you additional data. The additional information focuses essentially put a caddy in your pocket. Or then again the cerebrum of a caddy… Forget the symbolism, and simply appreciate visit quality data.

Also, there is parcels and parts more. You get the Bushnell GPS application, for an increasingly characterized presentation on your telephone. A tremendous database of 36,000 courses, for inclusion any place you play. A tough, water-safe outside…

Disclosed to you you’d salivate.

Stick Seeker Jolt Explained

The stick searcher shock has a practically disturbing name, isn’t that so? Like it’s a type of upsetting, perhaps excruciating astonishment.

This isn’t the situation. The main reason for the stick searcher shock highlight is to assist you with recognizing the stick.

At the point when the laser finds the stick, the discoverer will vibrate to tell you that you have hit your objective. It’s a little component yet it is likewise really significant.

Without the vibration, it very well may be difficult to discern whether you are hitting the stick, or if you are getting the separation to a tree behind the green, not the perfect objective.

Half and half Combination Explained

The Bushnell Hybrid GPS/Laser discoverer is the principal result of its sort. The mix is as intense as it sounds. We addressed this a smidgen in the diagram, however, how about we separate it further on the off chance that anybody is befuddled.

A customary rangefinder utilizes laser innovation to pinpoint an exact point on the fairway. It gives you quite certain, extremely exact data on a fixed point.

Golf GPSs are somewhat more extensive in their information. They may disclose to you general data, similar to how far you have to the back of the green or how far to the front. They may even incorporate data on where explicit dangers are.

Nonetheless, they can’t give you precise information on objects that are liable to move, similar to the stick, which, may get changed out each day.


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